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Swing Door Commercial Operator


$650 plus controls

Commercial Automatic Door Opener


Application: This product may be used in the automation of swing doors for public access where a low energy system is applicable and low cost is a criteria.

The New " Commercial Operator can be totally pneumatic in operation or interfaced with low voltage electronics for total public access and / or we can also interface with remote controls. If interfaced with our standard Palm Button system the only electricity required is to operate the compressor.

This fully pneumatic system needs no costly electric work, no sensors and no conduit for wiring. Thus the overhaul cost is relatively inexpensive to install and being pneumatic in operation, required maintenance follow-ups are relatively little if any. Additionally, we will train your maintenance staff in the adjustments procedures to eliminate the costly fees of maintenance agreements and reduce down time in case a problem should arise with the system.


Standard Kit Components: Commercial Operator with built in closure and mounting hardware with tubing to run to air compressor that can be within 125 feet of the door or doors being automated and Handicap stickers for doors and floor mount door stop.



2" circular Pneumatic Palm Buttons with pneumatic timer $350.00


4" Standard Palm Buttons with low voltage hard wired timer $450.00


4" Standard Pneumatic Palm Buttons with pneumatic timer $450.00


4" Wireless Palm Buttons with electronic timer $550.00


Restricted Access, remote controlled system $100.00 plus remote control and receiver.


Custom sequencing for double doors


Additional palm buttons or other specific application requests.


The number of different ways that the Palm Button System can be utililized are to many to mention here. If you have a special request or need a special type of installation please feel free to contact us and we can assist you on a personal level.


Three of our most common configurations are;


(A) A double entryway or two doors in tandem, the cost is as follows; The Commercial Operators are $650.00 each and then select from above the type of controls you wish to use. Add the cost of one set of controls and an additional $100.00 for a third Palm Button to be placed in the vestibule. This of course, does not include the power source nor labor for installation.


(B) In an apartment setting where the tenant will depress a Palm Button to exit the building but security is an important issue, the tenant would use a Remote control or your preferred access method to enter the building. The basic cost for this is $650.00 for the Commercial Operator plus the cost of the type of controls. The cost of the remote control being used would of course depend upon the brand selected. If the system were to be totally pneumatic in operation with tenants using a Palm Button to exit the building and a remote control to enter the cost would be $350.00 for a one sided Palm Button and Remote Control interface plus the cost of the remote control (i.e. a remote could be a Liftmaster based system or many other types available on todays market.)


(C) Lastly, We can interface the Palm Button System with electric locks as well as with card swipes, proximity switches and many any other types of access methods that you may desire to use for a relatively small amount of money (generally, about $50.00).


Guarantee for the "New Commercial Operator" is 3 years on Gentleman Door Company parts. All peripherals not manufactured by Gentlemen Door Company are as per manufacturers suggestion.


For More Information send an e-mail to Terry Robinson


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