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New Style Pocket Door Operator

Was initially designed for making homes more accessible for people with physical disabilities. However shortly after inventing this product Gentleman Door Company quickly became aware of its many other uses that are not disability related.

  • Home
  • Office
  • Yacht
  • Tour Bus
  • Man Cave
  • Hide your flat screen TV
  • Secret Rooms
  • Move Bookcases
  • Bathroom

The options for how you can control your automatic pocket door are endless. Here are just a couple of ideas:
  • Wall switch
  • 3-way wall switch
  • Hidden button
  • Doorbell
  • Remote control
  • Lutron System
  • X-10

Basically, you select the access method and we can build our system to work with your chosen access method

How does it work:
Lets start by saying that like all other Gentleman Door Company products this unit is driven by pneumatics. It is only available with pneumatics and not available as a totally electric system. That given, here is the simple way in which this product operates…

We take the Johnson Hardware 100PD pocket door track and build our hardware directly onto the side of the track assembly. We then incorporate a small control box that has an airline coming in from the compressor and two airlines that run to each end of the cylinder. One line to open the door and one line to close the door. In addition there is a low voltage solenoid valve that is powered by a plug-in transformer of which is activated by your access method whether it be a 3-way switch, ECU or similar device.

In addition the door can be opened manually with ease. There is a slight amount of drag when closing the door due to the pneumatics but it is not enough to be a hindrance to anyone needing to open or close the door manually. However, if the door is opened with the controls (light switch, etcetera) you cannot close the door manually! It is being held open under air pressure and will remain so until you deactivate the system.

What is my rough opening:
The rough opening is important and cannot be altered in any fashion with this operator. The track assembly with our hardware attached is exactly 3” wide so if you are installing the pocket door on a 2x4 wall you will need to build a mullet one side to accommodate the operator and installation of the sheetrock.

The total length of the track will be determined by the total width of your finished opening. Simply multiply the width of your finished opening times two and add 4-inches. I.E. a 30-inch finished opening requires a track that measures 64-inches.

What Size door can I automate and what is the weight restriction?
We can supply kits to fit most any size opening desired up to a four foot opening. There is an additional charge however for finished openings of more than 36”-wide.

The weight is not really an issue. If you have a custom made solid core door we would need to know the estimated weight so that we can upgrade the wheels or possibly even upgrade the track size to ensure you have a safe and long lasting product.

What is included with the Pocket door Kit?
With each Kit we include the pocket door track, rollers, hardware to hang door, our hardware mounted onto the side of the track, airlines, fittings, control box and installation instructions.

What is not included?
We do not include the access method as described above, air compressor, framing studs or labor.

What options do you offer?
We offer air cushions to customers that want to have there doors open-close quicker but not slam. The cushions are adjustable so that you can control the degree of speed of how slow the door will finish the last 2-3 inches of travel on closing.

If you have a 48” wide finished opening and have enough room on either side of the entry you may want to consider having two pocket doors in tandem so that you are not waiting as long for a single door to open. This would entail having two 24”-inch doors opening in tandem and quite honestly will be more appealing to the eye than a single 48” door. It does add an additional 4” to the total length of the track however making the total rough opening a total 104”-inches.

What does it cost?
A single pocket door with a finished opening of no more than 36” cost $750.00

Air cushions for the pocket door track are an additional $35.00

A pocket door with a finished opening of more than 36” but no more than 48” cost $780.00

For pocket doors measuring over 48” please call for a quote

What does shipping cost?
Typically the cost is about $30.00 but does vary in some parts of the country. We will quote you for shipping cost if so desired.

How long does it take to receive the product once ordered?
All our pocket door operators are custom made and take time to build. The manufacturer does not rush orders and only takes them in the order they are placed. Typically it takes an average of 10 to 15-business days to build and ship a pocket door operator from receipt of order. We encourage people to place there orders a minimum of 3-weeks from the day they are wanting to install it. We DO NOT ship next day or place people ahead of others. You would not want it done to you and we will not do it to others. We treat every sale with the utmost care and only wish to ensure that each order is built to your specific needs so please order in plenty of time for the order to reach you in time.

How do I place my order?
Simply call Terry at (800) 824-4599

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Master Card, Visa, Company checks on prepaid orders and COD cash

What is the warranty:
We offer a 90-day unconditional warranty and one year on mechanical components. If you are not 100% satisfied within the first 90-days simply return the product and we will give you a full refund less shipping and handling.

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For More Information send an e-mail to Terry Robinson