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(aka -- The Gentleman Door)

+ Swing Door Operator

(aka -- "Personal Operator")

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(aka -- "The Perfect Gentleman")

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Swing Door Operator aka "Personal Operator"


Cost $450


Application: This product is useful in the automation of residential swing doors where low cost is the prevalent criteria. Also it is used in many apartment buildings where security is an issue but special access is needed for tenants.


The Single Actor releases the existing latch assembly and opens the door under pneumatic pressure with a smooth fluid motion. A mechanical closure (provided) is used to close the door. It is controlled by a Liftmaster remote control (other access methods available at an additional cost). The only noticeable difference when the Single Actor is installed is when the system is at rest the mechanical closure is applying pressure to hold the door closed. However it can still be opened and closed as a normal door by those not requiring special assistance.


Many of our sales of this particular model are directly to the end user and they have a family member or handyman do the installation for them, thus saving costly installation fees.


Standard Kit Components: Opening cylinder, door closer, pneumatic latch release, Liftmaster controls, solenoid valve with emergency exit feature, tubing, fittings and hardware.


Options: Assist Cylinder for exterior doors with magnetic weather stripping.

Other remote control systems such as Sears remotes or special ECU devices

For More Information send an e-mail to Terry Robinson